Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is Madrasapattinam - Hit or flop?

Arya has performed well in the film madrasapattinam. He acts as a dhobi in the film and emy jackson plays the role of a british lady. The main story is focussed on the pair's love. This story happens in the period of 1945-1947. The Director Vijay took care that the movie doesn’t get the label of a patriotic film and the amount of focus of the freedom struggle will be equal to that of main star cast love story. The story starts with a funeral where a old british lady is seen sad and later she is found to have some clot on the brain. She wishes to go to India to complete her uncompleted works.

The contemporary Chennai evokes periodic flashbacks in her memory and that's how we meet a dhobi and wrestler Ilamparidhi, also called Paridhi (Arya), who lived in the pre-Independence period of India. Paridhi, from the dhobi (washerman) community, lives in Washermanpet area, and washes the clothes of the British people. Amy's meeting with Paridhi coincides with his community's fight against the government's decision to build a Golf ground in the colony of dhobis. They love each other and her father comes to know about their love and orders his men to kill paridhi secretly and sends emy to delhi. But emy escapes from the train and comes to madras in search of paridhi. The rest is the climax of the film.


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