Monday, February 1, 2010

Asal Release on Feb 5th 2010

Asal is all set to be released on feb 5th. Ultimate Star Ajith's next action venture is Asal which is produced by Sivaji Productions and directed by Saran. Sameera Reddy is the cast against in Asal which is Ajith's Silver jubilee movie. The film stars Ajith Kumar in dual roles, along with Sameera Reddy, Bhavana and Prabhu Ganesan to portray the film's lead roles. It will be the most expensive Ajith film ever made. The film has been slated to be released in November 27, 2009. Kanal Kannan has choreographed the thrilling climax fight. Two Chinese stunt masters have also contributed towards the action. Sameera Reddy, the hot actress from Bollywood who wowed Tamil audiences with her very down-to-earth and girl-next-door performance in Vaaranam Aaiyram, is teaming up with Thala in Aasal. Also, pretty Bhavana, who made heads turn with her first Tamil film Chithiram Pesuthadi, will play an important role. The cast also includes Prabhu and Yuhi Sethu. Aasal brings back the Ajith-Saran combine for the fourth time after Kadhal Mannan, Amarkalam and Attagasam. Asal will be released in Abirami, satyam, Maayajal, Inox and many other theatres.

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