Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ajith says no to politics

Ajith is a popular actor in the tamil cine industry. Many actors have expressed their views regarding their entry into politics. With the immense popularity and fan following that Ajith has, the question about his entry to politics has always been there. Answering media during a press meet regarding Asal, he said that he is content with his film career and is simply not interested in politics. Ajith added that his films should be welcomed by both the ruling as well as the opposition party. The actor begins a new dimension in his career with Asal, as he is also the assistant director of the film. When questioned about his ambition to turn a director, Ajith said that he would concentrate in acting for some more time. So finally it is clear that Ajith will focus on acting than other activities.


  1. Hey, your blog is nice:) I don't know much about the films from south India so this was informative. Thanks for visiting my blog and do visit again.

  2. Great to have someone that avoid politics despite his popularity, I think India has enough actor/actress turned corrupt politicians lol