Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya (VTV) hit or flop?

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya did created news with its audio launch as it was the first time for a Kollywood movie to get its audio launch in London. Anyways nothing can be predicted. Lets hope the movie does a good job. Karthik is our young hero. A 22-year-old man who has just finished his engineering degree and has cinema on his brain - he wants to become a film-maker one day. He is no shirker in his efforts; his days are spent knocking down doors of film directors' offices and studio hangars, hoping for a chance at assisting an established film-maker. And then one day, Jessie breezes into his life.That is what Karthik feels when he sees Jessie from afar. She lives upstairs on their two-level independent home and barely notices him for the first few weeks. Then the contrived "chance" encounter by Karthik on their rooftop, the fervently planned meeting at a KFC joint where Jessie works, the way he blurts his love to her, his impulsive trip all the way to her native Alapuzha to apologize to her for that, their discovery of their love and - the strongest element in their love story - whether they are fated to be together or part ways, given their tumultuous environment. Jessie is torn between her love for Karthik and loyalty to her family.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa - will you cross the skies for me? This is the premise of the entire Karthik-Jessie love story. Will he wait forever for her? Will she cross her own hurdles to come to him? Will they run away from the world and be together? Will they fall prey to each other's diametrically opposite perspectives and lose out on love?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin crosses 200 runs - World record

Sachin Tendulkar crosses 200 runs in world ODI cricket. He breaks the highest score of Saeed anwar, charles coventry. It was an amazing match he played today and definitely we are proud to be the sachin fans. Shane warne himself has conveyed his best wished for his best friend. Saeed anwar held the previous score but he scored most of his runs with the help of a runner. But this innings of sachin is something special as he scored and ran himself.Definitely sachin is the god of cricket. We all love you sachin.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jaguar Thangam Vs Ajith Kumar and Rajinikanth - Fight

Jaguar Thangam targets Ajith and Rajini and this is creating a hot news. A few days ago, an attack was made on Jaguar Thangam's residence while he was away shooting for a film at Madurai. Even before the police were informed, Jaguar Thangam was called and without any proper evidence, the stunt master kicked up quite a row, alleging that the attack had been made on him by fans of Ajith. He was demanding Ajith's arrest which did not happen. Angered that his demands had not been heeded, he threatened to bring in members of his caste to attack Ajith's residence. Security was tightened around Thala's residence immediately. Jaguar Thangam then made a statement that he had lodged a complaint against Ajith with the Nadigar Sangam and was sure they would take some action.

He told presspersons yesterday that he wanted an apology from Ajith for the attack against him and that Ajith also owed an apology to FEFSI for his statement at the function felicitating Kalaignar Karunanithi. When a certain member of the press pointed out that Rajinikanth had given Ajith a standing ovation for the mentioned statement, Jaguar Thangam did not think twice before saying that no one ever took the things Rajni said seriously and that there was every possibility that the superstar might twist the meaning of his words or actions later on. And while Jaguar Thangam is busy getting all the attention, the targets of all his attacks -- Ajith and Rajinikanth -- have not even flinched! A silent stand that tells everything: whose words should be taken seriously and whose not.

Jaguar Thangam has misbehaved some four years back with an actress Anamika who had come to learn stunts from him. Anamika reported this matter to police and dragged Jaguar to court on charges of sexual harassment. This was a highly publicized issue and later Jaguar took revenge on Anamika and saw that she was out of cinema. Now in order to take revenge against Ajith, he has started this one-sided war, bur closer circle of Ajith Kumar have mentioned that Jaguar shouldn’t misinterpret Ajith as Anamika.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vijay's 50th film Sura - Story and latest news

Vijay's 49th film Vettaikaran is running sucessfully in Theatres and so his fans started to expect more from his 50th film. The 50th film has been titled Sura. Vijay’s 50th film Sura is a remake of Malayalam super star Mohanlal’s Chota Mumbai (2007), directed by Anwar Rasheed. Sura is being directed by S.P. Rajkumar and produced by Sangili Murugan, But director S.P. Rajkumar has refused to reveal anything on the film’s storyline. Vijay will have Tamannaah as a heroine. Vijay has already started working for Sura, being shot across the coastal areas of Kerala. Set in the backdrop of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry area, Chota Mumbai tells the story of a few happy fishermen from Chotta Mumbai Street. It is expected to be a fishermen story and as it is a remake the story can be guessed. Interestingly in the malayalam movie mohanlal was called with a nickname 'Thala'. Anyhow Vijay's fans are expecting a lot from his 50th film.

Monday, February 15, 2010

MRF Challenge Series(14th Feb) - Thala Ajith Kumar's car got stuck

Ashwin Sundar completed a fine run in the Formula 1600 class by winning the championship in the MRF Challenge series, here Sunday(14th feb 2010). While the 20-year-old from Chennai took the first 15-lap race quite comfortably, he had to fight his way in the second that he began in the sixth spot due to reverse grid. After moving up a couple of positions in the opening lap, Sundar slipped past the front runners and once ahead, pulled away for a commanding victory. The Saloon Car race dished out some surprise results after championship leader Sailesh Bolisetti suffered ECU problems in the very first lap and lost track position, allowing Siddharth Kishore to win comfortably from R. Sriram and Nithvin S. Ravindran.

However, the cynosure this day was Tamil actor Ajith Kumar who presence on the Formula 1600 grid pulled in record crowds. But then, the script went away in the first race when Ajith’s car got stuck in one gear and could not start the 15-lapper. The situation grew tense as a section of spectators turned restive before Ajith decided to put in a few laps at slow speed just to placate his fans who subsequently jumped the barriers and invaded the paddock to get a closer look at their hero. Police and security helped to keep the situation under control. Ajith, however, had no problems in the second race though he started from the back of the grid and finished seventh out of eight finishers.

The results:

Formula 1600 (15 laps): Race 1 - 1. Ashwin Sundar (NK Racing, 25 mins, 45.091 secs); .2. Chris Wootton (Australia, 25:47.591); 3. Parthiva Sureshwaren (25:53.954). Race 2 - 1. Ashwin Sundar (25:44.135); 2. Gaurav Gill (25:56.886); 3. Arjun Balu (25:59.985).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Say bye to smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Even after seeing the phrase in the cigarette packets many people smoke and spoil their health. One of my friend is a chain smoker and i had advised many times to quit smoking. But he said it is not easy to do so and has many problems in quitting it. But i came across a site which gives a solution for quitting smoking. Electronic cigarettes or electric cigarettes are the solution as they are devoid of tobacco and also safe to smoke. These cigarettes produce a smoke which look like real smoke although it is not real smoke.

Electronic cigarettes style and are a cheaper alternative to actual smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes is the best smoke break alternatives and avoid the health hazards that traditional tobacco cigarettes can cause. Other than health benefits electronic cigarettes also have several other general advantages over traditional tobacco cigarettes like freedom of smoking electronic cigarettes in public places.

This modern cigarette that you can find here has three parts that you need to get. They are the cigarette itself, the cartridge, which is the best part of this modern cigarette. The cartridge will give you many choices of flavor that you can’t get from traditional cigarette. And the last thing is the battery. Also the cost of the product is very less. But with electric cigarettes or electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes you can quit smoking more easily.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Barricades are used to control the crowd for security or traffic purposes. It is commonly seen at events or places where traffic has to be regulated or diverted. Also is a need of crowd control to make sure the people will stay in line while queuing waiting in queues, in many companies. It's always better to prevent any conflicts happen during the event or in the business place than to let it happen. In roads we may see barricades which can be used for diversion or near danger areas, may be pits. The barricades must be used properly and barricades of different sizes are available. It is difficult to buy barricades of our necessary choice.

Recently i came across a site which offers barricades and other signage boards at an affordable cost. Signage boards are also important in many cases. It is used for cautioning the people regarding a danger zone or a wet surface. The usage of signage boards is mandatory in many companies and also in public places. It prevents many accidents. snap frames, Display posters and many other types of sign boards are available at a single place. Also velvette ropes /stanchions can be used to regulate the traffic. Instant hand sanitizers, post transporters,tarmac barricade are some of the other products offered by camelback displays.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Madras University results for BA, BSc,BBM,BCOM november 2009/10 results announced

The Madras University results has been released today. Many of them will be loking for the right website to see their results. Here comes my website for helping you. I have listed many websites below, where you can get your results easily.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ajith says no to politics

Ajith is a popular actor in the tamil cine industry. Many actors have expressed their views regarding their entry into politics. With the immense popularity and fan following that Ajith has, the question about his entry to politics has always been there. Answering media during a press meet regarding Asal, he said that he is content with his film career and is simply not interested in politics. Ajith added that his films should be welcomed by both the ruling as well as the opposition party. The actor begins a new dimension in his career with Asal, as he is also the assistant director of the film. When questioned about his ambition to turn a director, Ajith said that he would concentrate in acting for some more time. So finally it is clear that Ajith will focus on acting than other activities.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Afridi ball tampering in cricket

Ball Tampering has happened quite a many number of times.England's left-arm fast-medium bowler John Lever hit headlines in the 1976-77 series against India for all the wrong reasons.Pakistan's Wasim Akram was involved in an incident of ball tampering in 1992, almost a decade since the John Lever's incident. In 1994 Test series, with television playing the role of a third eye, former England captain Michael Atherton was caught on camera trying to doctor the ball against South Africa at Lord's.Another Pakistan bowler, Waqar Younis was on the spotlight in 2000 and became the first casualty for ball tampering. Younis was caught on camera and was slapped a one-match ban after being found guilty of ball-tampering during the tri-series in Sri Lanka.

Sachin Tendulkar found himself in a midst of controversy after Pakistani all-rounder Abdur Razzaq accused him of tampering with the ball during a tri-series match in 2000.Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar grabbed the headlines again in 2001 after he was found doctoring the ball. Former India captain Rahul Dravid was fined 50 per cent of his match fee after being found guilty of ball tampering during a match against minnows Zimbabwe in 1994. In 2006 Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq refused to take the field after being accused of ball tampering by the English players. England fast bowler Stuart Broad was accused of treading on the ball with his spikes during the recently concluded Test series against South Africa in 2010. In the latest incident of ball tampering last week, Pakistan's stand-in skipper Shahid Afridi was banned for two Twenty20 Internationals after pleading guilty to a ball-tampering charge during the fifth and final ODI against Australia at Perth. Afridi was caught on camera chewing on one side of the ball while walking to the run up with bowler Mohammad Asif. Afridi apologised for the shameful act and said it will never happen again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Apple desktop prices

The price of apple desktop prices in India are as follows:
Features of low-end mac mini priced at rs. 36,600 packs:

# * 2.0ghz intel core 2 duo with 3mb l2 cache
* 1gb ddr3 1066 mhz ram expandable up to 4gb
* nvidia geforce 9400m integrated graphics with 128mb video memory.
* 120gb sata hdd 5400 rpm…

The new high-end mac mini priced at rs. Rs. 48,200 packs:

* 2.0ghz intel core 2 duo with 3mb l2 cache
* 2gb ddr3 1066 mhz ram expandable up to 4gb
* Nvidia geforce 9400m integrated graphics with 256mb video memory.
* 320gb sata hdd 5400 rpm.

Features like slot-load double-layer 8x superdrive

* Mini displayport and mini-dvi ports
* Airport extreme wireless networking & bluetooth 2.1+edr built-in
* Gigabit ethernet
* Five usb 2.0 ports
* Firewire 800 port and one audio line in with one audio line out port both support digital and analog signals. are also available

New imac models include only one 20-inch imac and three 24-inch imac models.

The highest rigged 24-inch imac priced at rs. 1,25, 900
It has the features:

* 3.06ghz intel core 2 duo with 6mb shared l2 cache
* 4gb ddr3 1066mhz ram
* 1tb sata 7200rpm hdd
* nvidia geforce gt 130 with 512mb gddr3 video memory.

Asal Release on Feb 5th 2010

Asal is all set to be released on feb 5th. Ultimate Star Ajith's next action venture is Asal which is produced by Sivaji Productions and directed by Saran. Sameera Reddy is the cast against in Asal which is Ajith's Silver jubilee movie. The film stars Ajith Kumar in dual roles, along with Sameera Reddy, Bhavana and Prabhu Ganesan to portray the film's lead roles. It will be the most expensive Ajith film ever made. The film has been slated to be released in November 27, 2009. Kanal Kannan has choreographed the thrilling climax fight. Two Chinese stunt masters have also contributed towards the action. Sameera Reddy, the hot actress from Bollywood who wowed Tamil audiences with her very down-to-earth and girl-next-door performance in Vaaranam Aaiyram, is teaming up with Thala in Aasal. Also, pretty Bhavana, who made heads turn with her first Tamil film Chithiram Pesuthadi, will play an important role. The cast also includes Prabhu and Yuhi Sethu. Aasal brings back the Ajith-Saran combine for the fourth time after Kadhal Mannan, Amarkalam and Attagasam. Asal will be released in Abirami, satyam, Maayajal, Inox and many other theatres.